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Quickstart Guide

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Quickstart Guide
These common sense tips and tricks will keep your new diapers in tip-top shape for years to come and will help preserve your warranty protection.  You may even want to print this page and post it in your laundry area for future reference… though diaper laundry is really no more complicated than for other clothing.


First things first

  • The following GroVia cloth diaper products need to be “prepped” before first use: All In One Diapers, Newborn All In One Diapers, Organic Cotton Soaker Pads, Stay Dry Soaker Pads. Hybrid Shells do NOT need to be prepped.
  • Prepping removes the natural oils found in our minimally-processed organic cotton and hemp materials and will establish the absorbency needed in your new diapers.
  • Wash on hot (with detergent) and tumble dry at least 5-6 times prior to use.

Paper fit

Quickstart - Diaper Fit Guide
  • Adjust rise snaps on front of diaper to correct size for your baby. “Open” settings for older babies, either of the “closed” settings for younger or smaller babies.
  • When using our Hybrid diaper, select the soaker pad option that fits your current setting (at home, at daycare, traveling, etc.). Snap soaker pad in place or use integrated adhesive to assist placement of BioSoaker®.
  • Place on baby and adjust closing fasteners for a good fit.
Laundry Basics

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