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How AIO's Work

Organic All In One

How It Works

An All in One cloth diaper includes all parts necessary to diaper your baby in one purchase! Absorbent cotton layers, a solvent-free waterproof outer layer, and a unique, quick-drying design combine in the popular GroVia One Size All in One.

A cloth diaper doesn’t have to include extra ‘junk in the trunk.’ Parents love the GroVia organic One Size All in One diaper because it is designed to fit close to your baby’s body. The One Size All in One is unique in that its snap closures are situated on the sides of the diaper, at baby’s hips, which contributes to the trim design.

The All in One is sewn together: one piece to wear, one piece to wash, one piece to dry. An optional snap-in absorbency booster is included.

GroVia's unique one-size system allows you to adjust the rise snaps for a custom fit from infant to toddler size.

Absorbency And Materials

How AIO's Work
The GroVia One Size All in One’s absorbency is made from soft, 100% IMO-certified organic cotton to be gentle on the most tender skin.


Stretchy Spandex tabs allow you to get the most comfortable and close fit, making the organic All in One your top choice for ‘best baby jeans diaper.’

The GroVia Organic All in One is available in an array of fun, funky, fashion-forward solid colors and prints designed exclusively for GroVia by our in-house design team.

What about laundry?

Ok, you’re intrigued. But you might ask, “Is it difficult to wash these All in One cloth diapers? Like, WHAT will I be putting in my washing machine?”

Before laundering your AIOs, you’ll want to dispose of “the solids.” GroVia BioLiners make this simple! Other families find they can simply dump solids into the toilet and flush. Be sure, also, to unsnap any snapped-in Boosters.

After that, laundry is as simple as washing a load of towels! Choose warm or hot water and enough of your favorite good-cleaning detergent. Many families even find that they ENJOY doing cloth diaper laundry—because doing something good for babies, the Earth, and the family finances is something to take pride in!

How AIO's Work

How much does it cost?

For full-time diapering, you are going to spend between $500-$600 to diaper with the One Size All in One system for 2-3 years. (Remember, you would spend 5x that buying traditional disposable diapers for more than two years!)

How many do I need?

You wouldn’t buy a new car without test-driving first, right? That’s why we recommend buying about four cloth diapers to learn the ropes before investing in a full-time supply.

Once you are ready to jump in, you will want at least 24 All in One diapers for full-time diapering. This number will allow you to wash every 2-3 days. A larger rotation will see less wear and tear as time goes on.

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