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How Absorbency Works

Newborn All In One

How It Works

We know new parents want a simple solution for cloth diapering their brand new bundles. The GroVia Newborn All in One is designed to fit newborns 5-12+ lbs. and does adjust from a smaller size to a larger size using simple ‘rise’ snaps at the front of the diaper.

To diaper with a GroVia Newborn All in One, simply snap the diaper onto your infant. When it’s time to change, unsnap and toss into a dry diaper pail until it is time to wash. It’s one piece to wear, one piece to wash, and one piece to dry. Parents appreciate how quiet our Newborn All in One’s snapping closure is when it’s time to change a sleepy baby!

How Absorbecny Works

Absorbency And Materials

The GroVia Newborn All in One’s absorbency comes from layers of an absorbent hemp/cotton blend topped with cozy, soft microfleece. Designed specifically to meet the needs of newborn babies, it is as easy to use as any disposable diaper and features a super-trim fit, stretchy leg gussets, and a sewn-in soaker pad. The microfleece pushes moisture through to the absorbent core so that your little one stays dry.

What about laundry?

Newborn cloth diaper laundry is as simple as washing a load of towels! First, if your baby’s diet is only breastmilk, you do not need to do anything between removing the diaper and tossing it into your diaper pail until wash day as your baby’s waste is water-soluble. If your baby’s diet includes baby formula, consider using BioLiners .

When you are ready to wash, choose warm or hot water and enough of your favorite good-cleaning detergent . Tumble dry on low heat. The absorbency is distributed in your Newborn All in Ones for even drying.

How Absorbency Works

How much does it cost?

For diapering full-time with Newborn All in Ones, you will spend between $300-$400. However, GroVia Newborn All in Ones are easily resold in the secondary market, so much of that expense can be recouped. (We even host our own strictly moderated Facebook Group for buying, selling, and trading GroVia!)

Newborn diapering can also be accomplished using One Size Hybrid Shells and Size One GroVia Prefolds. Many parents like to have a supply that combines about a dozen Newborn All in Ones with more of this less expensive system.

How many do I need?

You wouldn’t buy a new car without test-driving first, right? That’s why we recommend buying about four cloth diapers to learn the ropes before investing in a full-time supply.

For diapering full time, we recommend a minimum of 24 changes. For new parents who are on the fence about cloth diapering, we recommend picking up a Four Pack of Newborn All in Ones  to test-drive for a week or two before committing.

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