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Cloth Diaper Buying Guide - Choices

Hybrid Cloth Diaper


Style - All In Two

  • Components - 2-part system.
    Waterproof Shell + choice of inner absorbency.
  • Closure - Choice of Snap or Hook & Loop.
  • Absorbency - Enables use with wide variety of choices, including cloth or earth-friendly disposable.
  • Outer - Water resistant TPU
  • Inner - Snap-in Reusable Soaker Pads or Ingeo-based Disposable (BioSoaker®) or Bamboo Prefold Diapers
  • Sizing - 8-30+ LBS
  • Fit - Will depend upon absorbency option being used. More generously sized than GroVia All In One.
  • Laundry - Shells may be used multiple times between washes. Cloth absorbency options washed after every use. Faster drying times. Smaller loads of laundry.
  • Fun Fact - Shell makes a GREAT swim diaper.
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All In One Cloth Diaper

All In One

Style - All In One

  • Components - 1-part system.
    Waterproof outer with sewn-in absorbency. Includes snap in booster.
  • Closure - Stretchy wings with side-snap closure.
  • Absorbency - Absorbency integrated in one-piece design.
  • Outer - Water resistant TPU
  • Inner - 100% IMO-certified organic cotton
  • Sizing - 10-35+ LBS
  • Fit - GroVia's trimmest design. Often called "the skinny jean diaper." Side-snap closure provides smooth, flat fit.
  • Laundry - Unique design provides for efficient washing and drying.
  • Fun Fact - Can be used as a Trainer due to stretchy sides.
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O.N.E. Cloth Diaper


Style - All In One

  • Components - 1-part system.
    Modular Snap In Soaker system allows for customization.
  • Closure - Both Hook & Loop and Snap outlast closure.
  • Absorbency - Hidden body layer PLUS cotton channeled soaker design is trim yet absorbent.
  • Outer - Water resistant TPU
  • Inner - 100% Cotton topped with 100% Polyester Microfleece. Hidden Inner Layer: 100% Polyester Microfiber
  • Sizing - 8-30+ LBS
  • Fit - Most generously sized GroVia diaper.
  • Laundry - Super absorbent, use ample detergent to clean. Bleach as needed.
  • Fun Fact - Great night time solution for the heaviest of wetters.
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