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Smokey Bear

Smokey has been working hard to inspire Americans to prevent wildfires since 1944 and coming into our own Fire Danger period we think his message is import globally.
As a company we would love to donate money to our own CFA however due to licensing this is not allowed (details below). As individuals we can and do, my own father was a longtime volunteer of the CFA and living in a code red fire zone myself we are very passionate about supporting and helping our local volunteers in any way we can.
Please have a look at the links below about Smokey and the way the US and ANZ and been working together for 15 years to support each other with wildfires.
Our licensing agreement with the USFS prohibits the use of Smokey’s image for fundraising purposes. While we have made philanthropic product sales in the past, this cannot be the case with licensure like this. Our team members have made individual contributions to charitable organizations to support those affected by the wildfires. We would be happy to share resources for how to be a helper, too. But these licensed, collaborative prints cannot be used this way.
Read about Smokey Bear here -
Read about the US/AUD/NZ Firefighting co-op here -
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