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Reusable nappy laundry basics

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Here at GroVia, our top priorities are getting your nappies clean and keeping your baby’s skin healthy. We want to make it as easy as possible to wash your nappies by offering a common sense approach that includes a simple wash routine and easily-accessible detergent options. The information below is just a guide - you may need to do some little trial and error in order to find the perfect solution for your unique situation. If you have questions on your wash routine, please reach out to us anytime!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • As with any other nappy, remove as much solid material (flush or otherwise dispose) as possible at time of nappy change. Consider GroVia Bio Liners to simplify this process.
  • For  Hybrid Shells (hook & loop only), tuck tabs under the integrated tab loops before washing.
  • All-In-Ones, Hybrid Shells, and Soaker Pads may be washed together on warm.
  • Always use the full recommended amount of a good-cleaning detergent.
  • We HIGHLY recommend that Hybrid Shells be line-dried. They dry very quickly and will last longer this way. All In One diapers and Soaker Pads may be tumble-dried.


"There is no mystery for getting clean nappies, but there are a few basic things you need, a washing machine, enough of a good cleaning detergent, and warm water. Do not fall prey to the false notion that you can clean wet, poopy nappies with a tablespoon of detergent... because you can’t!”
Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Wash Time: 2 Hours
Ready In: 1 Hour
Servings: 24 Clean Nappies


  • 16-24 Soiled Cloth Nappies
  • Warm Water (Not Sanitize Cycle)
  • Enough Detergent (not Soap Nuts or Plant Oil based detergents). How much is enough? Read the dosing instructions on your detergent container and use the FULL RECOMMENDED AMOUNT.

Tips For Success

  • Wash every 2 days.
  • Do not try to clean your nappies with tiny amounts of detergent. They will not get clean. Use the full recommended amount of detergent as indicated on the package.
  • A nappy sprayer or BioLiners are awesome for making poop removal easy and quick.
  • Do not use fabric softeners.



Messy nappies should have already had the majority of the solids discarded before placing in your nappy pail.


Remove your soiled nappies from your nappy pail or bag. Pay close attention to be sure you have folded your hook and loop closures over and under the laundry tab.


Add the full amount of detergent to your machine’s drawer or into the bottom of the drum.


If your machine has a setting for a warm rinse prior to washing, go for it! Choose your standard wash cycle with WARM water for your wash cycle.


Walk away from the machine. Resist all urges you may have to come back and check for bubbles. Go for a nice stroll with your little one, or enjoy a nice cup of tea if it is naptime.


When the wash cycle is complete, remove your now-clean nappies from the machine. Place any PUL or TPU covers or Shells on top of the dryer to air dry. 

If you notice your nappies are stained, DO NOT PANIC. This is normal and does not mean that they are unclean. Simply take your freshly washed, still wet nappy outside and lay them in the sun to dry. It’s like magic… the stains will literally disappears in a few hours!

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